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Sell Your Holiday Ownership! Reselling Timeshare and Letting Timeshare Have Never Been Easier!

SellMyTimeshareNOW is a worldwide timeshare resale and rental marketing company, connecting timeshare owners with buyers and renters by providing the most cost-effective way to present your timeshare to thousands of people interested in luxury travel. We provide the kind of direct, high quality, and affordable resale marketing to help you sell your timeshare, holiday ownership, campground membership, or vacation club membership.

Our staff is trained to help you with all the questions you might have about selling your property, including a free market evaluation.

If you aren't ready to sell your timeshare, you may be interested in letting it out! Letting your timeshare is a great way to help you cover your resort maintenance fees, use up weeks when you aren't able to travel, or to get a little extra cash.

Sell My Timeshare NOW is the clear leader in getting advertising timeshare owners offers from holiday enthusiasts all over the world. Average offers for sales and rentals submitted through our site total over $1,000,000 per day.

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Timeshare sales and rentals offers for week ending July 19th, 2009: 3,096 offers totaling $8,173,286.00!

Current year-to-date timeshare sales and rental offers: $260,868,026.00!

Total timeshare sales and rental offers for 2008: $461,470,158.00!

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Your advert with us will afford you the greatest exposure to worldwide sellers and renters, with no commission or appraisal fees attached!

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Attention! Isn't it Time You Found the Perfect Holiday?

There are thousands of beautiful resorts worldwide, and through timeshares, vacation clubs, exchanges and other forms of vacation ownership, it's possible to see the world and really get the holiday you've always dreamed of. High end resorts like Marriott, Westin, Wyndham, Hyatt, Hilton, Disney and Westgate are available for sale and for rental through our advertisers.

Better still, through SellMyTimeshareNOW you can find a holiday getaway for much less than you ever thought possible. Timeshare resales can provide discounts of 60% or more from resort-direct pricing, and because we specialize in connecting you directly with the owners, there are no broker fees, no commissions, no tours, and no pressure!

Many of these resorts are affiliated with major exchange outlets like RCI and Interval International, allowing vacation owners to exchange their purchased week for a timeshare at another resort. By purchasing timeshare with RCI or II affiliation, your vacation options are increased to include resorts worldwide.

Of course, if long term holiday planning isn't in your future, renting timeshare can be a fantastic way to get away and save hundreds on first class accommodations. Hotel options for travel cost hundreds per night, but some of the nicest resorts can be found for rent for under $100 a night. Renting timeshare is so simple that the hardest part may be deciding where you want to go!

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